NCLEX-RN Prep Course

$199 total

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For people who absorb more in a class environment

NCLEX-RN Prep Course

Many aspiring nurses have too much NCLEX prep material to sift through and not enough of the right test-taking guidance. Our NCLEX prep course features top-tier NCLEX instructors who deliver focused instruction of test-taking strategies by question type or section, as well as streamlined materials so you don't waste time or brain space covering stuff you don't need to know.

$199 • 2 hour sessions, 2x/week for 4 weeks

Convenient, affordable, high-quality NCLEX prep.

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Live Small Group Class Overview

Meet online with an expert NCLEX instructor and up to 9 classmates for a series of interactive and highly effective classes. You’ll gain time management and test-taking strategies, and a thorough understanding of the exam structure, tested concepts, and scoring methodology.

This is a sample syllabus. Your instructor will make the ultimate decision as to how in-depth the topics will be covered based on the students’ needs in the class.

Exam Topics Covered:
• Management of care
• Safety and infection control
• Health promotion and maintenance
• Psychosocial integrity
• Basic care and comfort
• Parenteral therapies
• Reduction of risk potential
• Physiological adaptation

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Practice Questions, Adaptive Assessments & Study Tools

You’ll have full access to 1000+ NCLEX practice questions that you’ll be able to work through on your own schedule via our test prep app. When you're ready, our NCLEX assessment will show you the concepts you already understand and where you could still use a little help. Perfect for practicing, tracking progress, and knowing where you stand before the exam. You'll also receive our smart study toolkit that provides test-taking tips and tricks to walk into the exam with the confidence to pass the exam.

  • 5 full practice tests
  • Adaptive assessments
  • 1000+ practice questions
  • Flashcards
  • Study plan
  • Cheatsheets
  • On-the-go app
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Highly Vetted NCLEX Instructors

Only 10% of instructors who interview make it through our rigorous process. Learn from instructors who are nurses and medical professionals, experts who know the material, understand the exam, and are invested in helping you pass the exam.

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Varsity Tutors NCLEX Pass Guarantee

Proven to help you pass the NCLEX. We believe in our approach and offer an industry-leading guarantee that promises you dedicated support to ensure you pass.


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NCLEX-RN Prep Course
• 4-weeks.
• 8 live online sessions, 2 hours each.
• Small group classes, smart study tools, and more.

My instructor provided excellent resources, tips, and tricks on how to work through the questions using nursing critical thinking.

— AnnMarie, NCLEX student

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