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So You Want To Rescue Animals?

Brittany McDonald

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Executive Director

About Brittany McDonald

Brittany first fell in love with wolves when she was just 8 years old and has been actively pursuing her dream of working with them ever since! Though she is Minnesota born and raised, her passion for wildlife has led her all over the United States where she has gained experience caring for wolves, big cats, primates, reptiles, and so many more. As a long-time supporter of Wild Spirit, Brittany has always admired the sanctuary’s dedication to making our rescues’ health and happiness our number one priority, and with her knowledge of concepts like animal health and behavior, enrichment, and operant conditioning, she’s excited for the opportunity to further contribute to that philosophy!

About the class

For an animal lover, what could be better than spending your life rescuing and caring for wildlife at a sanctuary? Working in animal care is a dream job, but how can you land that career and what is the job really like once you have it? Find out in this interactive event with Brittany McDonald live from her job as executive director at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. She’ll break down what life is like in animal care and rescue, provide suggestions on how to get into the field and how to ensure you’ll love it once you’re there. We will examine the traits, skill sets, and expectations of those who thrive on sanctuary work.


May 10
Wednesday @ 6:00 PM-7:00 PM EDT
1 x 60min session (1 hour)
(Best for Grade 9 & Up)


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